SAFe Program Board Widget 2.0.0 available

this brand new release 2.0.0 is feature-wise equivalent with 1.2.6
However, this version provides brilliant messages in case your Widget setup has insufficient access rights to other PAs (Project Areas).
Times when the widget got stuck at 20% are over now.

Enjoy Jazz 🙂

download it on GitHub:

Presenting at IBM IoT Exchange Conference – June 18/19, 2019, Berlin

Have a look at the SAFe Program Board Teaser


18 June 13:15 – 13:45

TRACK – Engineering 2

Why you will love the SAFe Program Board Widget for Rational Team Concert for your virtual PI Planning with globally distributed teams 

Abstract: The hype about scaled agility with SAFe continues. However, the immense travel costs are often suppressed. As a result, our mgmt put a restriction on traveling. This triggered starting the PI Plannings in a virtual setup with RTC. We got rid of physical stickies, strings and program boards. Next, we created the RTC “SAFe Program Board” widget, which allows us to visualize dependencies between work items. This simplifies and speeds up the SAFe PI planning in a globally distributed team setup. In this session, you will learn good and working practices with the help of Jazz/RTC for your PI Planning with globally distributed teams. You will see, how remote teams can pull features from the Program Backlog in RTC and draw dependencies on the SAFe Program Board widget running seamlessly in RTC. Although we agree that face-to-face communication is irreplaceable, the setup with Jazz/RTC is a viable alternative if travelng is restricted due to any kind of reason.

Presented by: Markus Giacomuzzi, Siemens Smart Infrastructure

new Program Board Widget v1.2.6 – cross-hatch evaluation ignores RESOLVED child work items


It has been requested that RESOLVED child work items shall be ignored in the cross-hatch evaluation.

Since this makes absolutely sense we have released v1.2.6

You are welcome the download the latest version

Thanks for using the free Jazz extension widgets sponsored by Siemens and made possible by our outstanding students

the brand new Program Board Widget v1.2.4 is ready for download

downloadable at

Feature #1
new option in order to visualize depending or blocking Work Items automatically (aka external Dependencies) without providing them within the Query
Feature #2
auto-refresh, suitable for Big Room/PI Planning sessions
Feature #3
cross-hatch indicates to planning mismatches (works the same way as in the world famous Timebox Planning Widget)
Feature #4
Merge Cross-PA Iterations
Feature #5
improved indication (!) to inaccessible Work Items due to insufficient user rights
Feature #6
better scroll bar experience and improved minimized view

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