My presentation at the about virtual big room planning (aka PI planning) using our SAFe Program Board and Timebox Planning Widget for RTC

Slides mostly in English, however, spoken in German


SAFe Program Board Widget v1.2.0 coming soon with 5 new Features

we plan to roll out the new SAFe Program Board Widget v1.2.0 very soon

what you can expect:

Feature #1
new option in order to visualize depending or blocking Work Items automatically (aka external Dependencies) without providing them within the Query

Feature #2
cross-hatch indicates to planning mismatches (works the same way as in the world famous Timebox Planning Widget)

Feature #3
Merge Cross-PA Iterations

Feature #4
improved indication (!) to inaccessible Work Items due to insufficient user rights

Feature #5
better scoll bar experience and improved minimized view










new SAFe Program Board Widget available

Dear Jazz Community

I’ve just created a new project rtc-safe-programboard on and published the two releases 1.0.0 and 1.1.0 of the brand new RTC SAFe Program Board Widget

I am looking forward to your feedback

Please feel free to file any issues


hey … does this new RTC SAFe Program Board Widget delight you?

As announced in a previous post we are working on a new RTC Widget called “SAFe Program Board”.
The goal is to visualize something similar as suggested by the SAFe Program Board shown here
The initial version 1.0.0 is now available Siemens internally and will be made available to public as soon as possible.
Please compare the two pictures and let me know if you miss something

instead of working with horizontal swim lanes for teams we are using the proven concept of colors for the teams (as known from the world famous Timebox Planning Widget). This approach seems to be much more space efficient. The Work Item Type is reflected with an icon.


This is the visualization of the brand new SAFe Program Board Widget



This is given by SAFe


The 1st SAFe Program Board Widget with Timebox Planning Widget “Technology”


This new IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) Widget will provide a brand new SAFe Program Board View as proposed by

i.e. based on the sophisticated functionality of the Timebox Planning Widget 3.11.5  this new Widget provides an additional View presenting all artifacts of the SAFe PI Planning Workshop.

As always, this new SAFe Program Board Widget will be provided to the community for free and can be downloaded – starting from January 2018 – from our Jazz community site at

Timebox Planning Widget 3.11.5 ready for download

After several weeks of hardening we are proud to release the Timebox Planning Widget Version 3.11.5.

Please have a look at the new feature demos here on Youtube


In order to get an overview of the functionality already available since version 1 and 2 please visit this Youtube channel

or go directly to the playlists

The download from GitHub is as always free and runs on any IBM RTC 6.x instance


interested in more free IBM RTC plugins? Have a look at our community site