06-03-2016 12-10-31The Rational Team Concert (RTC) extension “Timebox Planning Widget (aka as SAFe Dependency-Program Board Widget)” supports ScrumMasters as well as SAFe practitioners in their daily business like Scrum-of-Scrum or PI Planning

With the Timebox Planning Widget you get an interactive Rational Team Concert (RTC) widget for your Sprint and Program Increment planning activities. It is perfectly suited for planning the team’s inter-dependencies across the two SAFe levels TEAM and PROGRAM. Mike Cohn refers to this planning style as “Rolling Lookahead Planning” in his book “Agile Estimating and Planning”. Just double-click a Story to show all siblings contributing to the common Feature. Let the Widget show the dependencies of just one or all Stories. Cross-hatching helps to visualize scheduling conflicts. The widget is not only suitable for ambitious SAFe users, but also for any Scrum or Scrum of Scrum practitioners. So if you are in a situation where distributed teams work on the same ART this widget will delight you.
As a goodie we provide it for free to the community.

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