Speed Up SAFe Program Increment Planning with the New RTC Dependency Board Widget V3 with integrated Absence Management

At IBM’s InterConnect 2017 (Session HDR-1406) we are going to present and demo the brand new Timebox Planning Widget V3 with SAFe Dependency/Program Board support and integrated Absence Management

You are welcome to join us !



New Features coming with Timbox Planning Widget V3

sophisticated dependency management and visualization

choose between the visualization of all dependencies or just the one you are pointing at


drag & drop shows the dependencies constantly in the correct color according to your definition in the setup



simplified and improved Settings

choose to see the Program- or Team Level



choose which Work Items shall represent your Program- and Team-Level
(any customized Work Item types are supported)



color your Work Items by Team or Project/ART  



choose your favorit colors for the Dependency Arrows



new toggle button in order to visualize also Work Items with zero Story Points



integrated Absence Management

absences of team members are shown in the Release Plan by simply elevating the base level



define how team member absences in days shall be represented in Story Points





  1. The size of the boxes is determined by the ‘Story Point’-value of the Work Item.
    Which process template are you using?

    Because when you combine this TimeBox Planning Widget with the IBM provided ‘SAFe 4.0 Process (Program)’-process template, the significant Work Items use ‘Estimated Story Point’ and thus all Work Items always show as ‘0 Story point’ items.


    • Hi Danny

      Thanks for this good question.
      On SAFe Team Level we expect to have a Story with Story Points. On SAFe Program Level you have the Feature with “actual” and “estimated” Story Points. The IBM Template out-of-the-box provides any integer values for those.
      The Timebox Planning Widget does not consider this values in the Feature. However, the Story Points on SAFe Program Level are calculated from the Feature’s child Stories. i.e. the summed up Points you see in the Feature are the sum of all child Story Points.
      Nonetheless, a future version of the Timebox Planning Widget will make this new fields “actual” and “estimated” configurable. So it’s going to be up to you what you want to visualize. The sum of all child story points or the values form the Feature


  2. Hi Markus,
    I’m using Timebox Planning Widget v3-11-5, its working fine as expected, in some case I’m getting “You have no access to any selected query.” Even though owner of query and I’m member of project and team area with all rights, any idea why I’m getting this kind of error
    Thanks for a wonderful solution


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