Timebox Planning Widget V2.9.0 with new Feature “show dependencies” supports SAFe’s Program Board

SAFe defines the Program Board as follows



As a matter of fact, Rational Team Concert (RTC) does not, including IBM’s additional SAFe support, provide a similar visualization out-of-the-box. Therefore we have decided to implement a brand new feature named “show dependencies” into the Timebox Planning Widget V3

This Feature is planned to be available as freeware in coming fall 2016.

Feature Description:
– the context menu of the Work Item shall provide a new entry named “dependencies of” (see arrow named “!!! NEW !!!”)
– two sub-menus “this Work Item” and “all Work Items shall be provided
– selecting the menu “this Work Item” will draw the arrows shown below visualizing the Work Item links “depends on – blocks”
– selecting the menu “all Work Items” will draw all dependencies of the presented Work Items
– the arrow shall be GREEN if the depending Work Item is planned for a Sprint which is after the Sprint of the blocking Work Item
– vice-versa the arrow shall be RED

– in case both Work Items are planned in the same Sprint the arrow shall be RED as well ( -> color to be discussed)
– if a Sprint has not yet an end date defined the arrow shall be GREY (not shown below)
– the direction of the arrow starts from the blocking and ends in the depending Work Item
– selecting the menu “Deselect” will remove the visualization with the arrows



The discussion is open and your feedback very appreciated

Do you like this new Feature?
Does it support you in applying SAFe?
Could you use this new Feature for your Dependency/Program Board?

Please also see my blog entry at jazz.net/safe


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